Break-In Free Ministries will provide transitional Counseling to ex-offenders; designed to: 


  • Help ex-offenders to release shame, guilt, discuss particular struggles they are facing.

  • Reintegrate back into society

  • Help conquer fears, anxieties, low self esteem, stresses of life, distorted thinking, and past trauma. 

  • Aftercare services that will be web based for those that would like to benefit from a more convenient  way to receive support long term.


An extension of Break-In Free Ministries will offer Counseling Services to anyone  who may be struggling with major life transitions, addiction, stress, past trauma etc. We at BFM desires that everyone has an opportunity to break free of emotional bondage.  BFM will utilize a variety of methods to assist individuals such as:

  • 1.     Psycho educational groups: Weekly Lectures that are designed to educate individuals about substance abuse, thinking distortions, and related behaviors and consequences. The groups will utilize evidenced based tools such as:  Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and a Strength based therapeutic perspective. Finally, an introduction to spirituality and how it applies to living a healthy and successful lifestyle will be provided.

  • 2.    Video Blogs (Social Media):  Video blogs shall be utilized as another means of reaching the greater public, networking with other ministries and organizations that have like visions to reach those that are lost and hurting and as a means to daily provide a sense of hope and inspiration to others at times with scripture references from the Holy Bible.